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Felicia Bars

Procrastinate: to put off until another day or time; defer; delay.

Well that word certainly sums up what I’m doing right now. As I sit here needing to plan lessons and mark papers and get ready for the week all that I can think of is everything that I want to bake. This is not good.

Productive: having the power of producing.

That is 100% what I need to be right now. Spending time on Pinterest and Facebook is not helping my productivity. Staring out the window at the sunshine makes me want summer that much more. Watching the clock tick has turned into a fun past time, and thank goodness for baking and baking blogs which make the time go by even faster. As if that’s what I need right now…

Making Felicia Bars wouldn’t be a form of procrastination. I don’t think.

Who Felicia is I’ll never know. What I do know though is that these bars are amazing and delicious and remind me of my childhood and they take no time to make. Butterscotch chips, mini marshmallows, coconut and rice krispies, what’s not to love?

You have my permission to join me in procrastinating whatever it is you need to avoid doing and make these instead. In no way is that a waste of time, I promise.

Felicia Bars

1/4 cup margarine

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 cup butterscotch chips

1 cup Rice Krispies

1/2 cup coconut

1/2 pkg mini colored marshmallows

In a saucepan melt the margarine, peanut butter and butterscotch chips. Allow to cool.

Pour the remaining ingredients into the pan and mix until well combined.

Pat into an 8 x 8 pan and refrigerate.


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Sex in a Pan

I know, I know. I’m the world’s worst baking blogger. I’m unorganized and I don’t have everything figured out. I don’t bake things ahead of time so that you can actually use them when it matters most. Like this dessert, which I made for Mother’s Day, which was yesterday. Maybe next year your could make this for mom?

Christmas baking? Let’s talk about it in January, when we’re all supposed to be New Years Resolutioning it up. Easter desserts? Did you want to talk about the Easter eggs that I have sitting on the kitchen table? Or how about this one…Halloween candy that is also sitting on the kitchen counter. My bad.

It’s not that I don’t like the stuff, believe me, I do. I just have my priorities. Take today for instance. I could come home from work and have a mini Easter egg or treat size Oh Henry, or I could take a nose dive into this.

Sex in a pan. Have you had it before? I’m quite happy to admit that I have had it multiple times, a seasoned pro if you will. Seriously though, once you have this it’s all that you ever want. Today it was all that I could think about at work.

I think I get why it’s called what it is. I want it, and I want a lot of it.

I digress.

Layer 1 = a basic crust with walnuts for some crunch.

Layer 2 = cream cheese deliciousness.

Layer 3 = chocolate pudding

Layer 4 = whipping cream and chocolate shavings.

A confession on my behalf. From past experiences with this dessert I wanted to make sure that the layers weren’t spread too thin so I bypassed the 9 x 13 pan and opted for the 8 x 8 instead. Big mistake if you want to have layer 4 pre-assembled. Best idea ever if you are okay with serving yourself whipping cream at the table. Which I clearly was.


Better idea? Getting off of the computer right now and heading to the fridge and spending some quality time with my new best friend.

Sex in a Pan


1 cup flour     1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 325F.

Mix the above ingredients together and pat into a pan of your choosing (9 x 13 recommended but not what I used).

Bake 10 – 15 minutes. Cool.

Cream Cheese Filling

1 cup icing sugar           1 tsp vanilla

1 cup whipping cream    8 oz cream cheese

Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl.

Using a beater, mix the ingredients until smooth and creamy.

Pour over the cooled crust.

Chocolate Pudding

1 large package chocolate pudding    2 cups milk

Combine the ingredients and beat for 2 minutes. Allow the pudding to thicken.

Spread the pudding over the previous layer.

Whipping cream

Beat 2 cups whipping cream with some vanilla and sugar.

Spread over the previous layer and top with grated semi-sweet chocolate.

Refrigerate until ready to serve and after serving.

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Rhubarb Cobbler

It’s back, it’s back, it’s baaaaack!!!! And I couldn’t be any happier.

Rhubarb. I’m super serious about the stuff, except I still don’t know if it’s a fruit or a vegetable. As if that changes anything though.

What I do know is that growing rhubarb in the backyard is a great idea. This plant couldn’t be any easier, no replanting, very little maintenance, and most importantly, could it taste any better? I think not.

Probably one of my favourite all time life deserts is a Banana Rhubarb Crisp and yes it has already been made this spring (and what is a favourite all time life desert? I don’t even know, it just feels right, it makes sense). But stewed rhubarb is amazing on ice cream, combining rhubarb with strawberries couldn’t be better and don’t even get me started on rhubarb galettes. Ps. I have never once in my life exaggerated anything. Ever.

And here is the latest rhubarb dessert to be added to the list. Rhubarb Cobbler. Yet another good idea. I probably wouldn’t go so far as to call this a cobbler, more like a cake. As if that’s a problem though.

Regardless this is good, I ate a lot of it, and, I regret nothing.

PPS. am I the only one who thinks that rhubarb couldn’t be any prettier? Anyone?

Rhubarb Cobbler

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

3 cups rhubarb chopped into 1 inch pieces

3/4 cup brown sugar      1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 cups flour             1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda           1/4 tsp salt

4 tbsp melted butter      2 eggs

1/2 cup milk                  1 tsp vanilla

1 cup sugar                   1/2 cup sliced almonds

Preheat oven to 350F.

Butter a 9 x 13 baking dish.

In a medium bowl, combine the rhubarb, brown sugar and cinnamon. Set aside.

In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients.

In a separate bowl, beat the butter, eggs, milk and vanilla. Add to the dry ingredients and beat only until smooth.

Spread the batter into the buttered baking dish, then evenly spread the rhubarb mixture over the batter. Sprinkle with the sliced almonds.

Bake for 40 minutes or until puffed and brown.

Serve warm. With ice cream. As if you needed to be told that.

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